Our Tallahassee hair salon excels in hair color of all types. From highlights to corrective color, to permanent and semi permanent hair color services, our experienced hair color specialists will work diligently to create the perfect shade and hue for your individual style.

*Contact the salon for owner’s pricing.

Hair Color Services     
LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 4A
Color Only (up to 4oz)$65$75$75$81$81
Highlights (11-30 Foils)$75$80$80$85$90
Highlights (31-60 Foils)$85$90$95$95$100
Highlights (61+ Foils)$105$105$110$110$115
Highlights Per Foil$6$6$7$8$8
Cap Highlights$80$100$100$100$105
Bleach (No Toner)$90$105$105$110$115
Partial Balayage/Ombre$110$120$130$135$140
Men's Camo (Color Only)$35$39$39$39$43
Texture & Treatments
Perm (Above Shoulders)$80$80$85$90$95
Perm (Below Shoulders)$105$105$110$115$120
Spiral Perm (Above Shoulders)$175$185$190$200$215
Spiral Perm (Below Shoulders)$245$250$255$260$265
Smooth Perfect (Above Shoulder)$110$122$132$155$175
Smooth Perfect (Below Shoulders)$135$145$155$165$175
Brazilian Blowout$200$225$250$275
PH Bonder additive$25$25$25$25$25
Deep Conditioning Treatment$15$15$15$15$20