Tips for Dry or Damaged Hair

• Heat styling can damage your hair. If you blow dry your hair use the cool setting. Keep the blow dryer moving as you use it and let your hair air dry if possible. Try to limit the use of flat irons and curling irons whenever possible.  Never use a flat iron or curling iron on damp or wet hair as this can also cause damage to the hair.

• Hot water can dry your hair and also cause scalp irritation. Use warm water for showers and cool water to rinse your hair after a shampoo.

• First, avoid using hair care products with alcohol or harsh lather agents such as sulfates. This can be very damaging to your hair and can strip your hair’s natural oils, causing it to feel dry. Sulfate free shampoos and gentle cleansing products are a good investment to protect and strengthen hair.

• If you swim, protect your hair from chlorine by wetting your hair and applying a small amount of conditioner to your hair before getting in the pool. Your hair will absorb the conditioner instead of the chlorine. Or wear a swimming cap. Make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair after you swim.

• Air dry your hair whenever possible. If you must use a blow dryer, then use the coolest setting possible, and keep the dryer moving as you use it instead of allowing it to blow on one section for a long period of time. Always towel dry your hair gently. Never wring or twist it tightly in a towel as this can cause the hair to break.

• Use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. If your hair is particularly dry and damaged, you can apply the conditioning treatment to your hair, wrap a towel gently around your head, and then sleep in it overnight. Be sure to rinse the residue thoroughly from your hair the next morning.

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