Our best tips for updating your style, maintaining the health of your hair, and adding a little pizzazz as the temperatures change.

A change in seasons can be the perfect time for a color makeover. With warmer temperatures, it is always fun to try something new with your hair such as beachy blonde highlights or gorgeous ombre hair color. Vivacious reds and rose-golds, rich caramels, and icy silver blonde accents can also bring new life to your existing hue.

If you are new to the world of hair color, you may be reluctant to dive in for something permanent, but there are several other options available at our Tallahassee hair salon that can be just as fun and that can give your style a boost. Adding a few carefully placed highlights can add just the right amount of interest to take your hair to a whole new level. You can also try a color glaze or demi-permanent hair color option. Both of these color services can add a rich hue to your locks without the commitment of a permanent hair color. Instead of a completely opaque coverage, a demi-permanent hair color formula, such as Redken Shades EQ, allows for a gorgeous, translucent multi-tonal effect. You’ll enjoy gorgeous tones that will gradually fade over time, allowing you to eventually return to your natural hair color without the need for a root touch-up.

The warmer months are an excellent time to schedule a deep conditioning treatment at Awaken514 to restore the health and manageability of your tresses. After spending time outdoors in the sun, your hair can become dry, sapped of moisture, brittle, and more likely to break. An intensive repair treatment such as a Redken Chemistry shot can infuse your hair with new life, adding shine, repairing damage, and restoring elasticity and vibrancy. If your hair is begging for a little attention, make an appointment at our hair salon today!


Enjoy fabulous tips from our hair salon in Tallahassee for your own individual hair type.  Click on a category below for specific advice in styling and caring for your hair and keeping it strong and healthy. Healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Tips for Curly Hair
If you have curly hair, you know that it is different from all other hair types. Whether you have a short curly style or long tousled locks, our tips will help prevent tangling and dryness.

Tips for Dry or Damaged Hair
Has your hair become brittle and stressed due to heat styling, color processing, and exposure to the elements. Whatever the cause of your hair’s damage or lack of moisture, our salon has the answers to restore its shine and health.

Tips for Oily Hair
Oily hair types face challenges not experienced by other hair types, especially if you have oily hair and a dry scalp.

What is the solution for particularly oily hair?

Tips for Frizzy Hair
Is your hair out of control? Do you battle frizz on a daily basis? Our stylists have several tips that can tame a frizzy mane and keep it smooth.

Tips for Thin Hair
Many of our clients suffer from very fine or thinning hair. But thin hair doesn’t have to hamper your style. A great cut specifically designed for thin hair can give you the style that you want and maximize the hair that you do have.

Tips for Color Treated Hair
If your hair has been colored, it requires an extra level of care and attention to keep the color looking vibrant and beautiful until you return to the salon for your next appointment. The stylists at our salon offer great tips for preserving your color.


Everyone loves a new style, especially when it’s easy and doesn’t take long to create. The new Hair Styling Video Tutorials section on our website is an excellent resource for anyone seeking easy tips for creating looks that are on trend. We’ve included a series of professional videos by Redken’s top hair stylists sharing step-by-step instructions for styles ranging from gorgeous double twist updos to braids and easy blow-outs.
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