If there was ever a year for relaxed style, this is it! The top women’s hair style trends for 2017 are just as effortless  as they are beautiful. Gone are the days of stiff and structured dos and formal looks where there is not a hair out of place. This year, the trend is toward women’s hair styles that are gently tousled, casual, and easy to create.


Braids are by far one of top hair style trends this year. Relaxed, simple, and oh, so versatile…who doesn’t love braided hair? From waterfall braids to de-structured Boho braids, there are so many options to choose from. Braids can also be twisted into a chignon in the back or dressed up by weaving thin ribbons into the hair. For a casual day or weekend style, create a “messy” braid and allow long layers of bangs to frame your face, or wear your hair slightly tousled with one or two small “accent braids” on the side.

Long soft waves are another effortless style for this year. If your hair is already long and naturally wavy, you can simply add a styling product to lightly define your waves, and you can achieve this look in minutes. If your hair is long, but naturally straight, you can get the wavy look by wrapping sections of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron or by using large steam or Velcro rollers. Use your fingers and a light-weight styling product to give your hair a tousled effect, and you’re ready to go.


Not just for spring, flowers can bring your hair to life any time of year! Tiny flower pins and headbands are being used by some of this year’s top designers to accent low ponytails, chignons, and messy updos. Look for pins, barrettes, and headbands that have colors that will coordinate with different seasons.

Not a flowery kind of girl? Try leather. Leather headbands (both wide and skinny) and leather bound ponytail holders are a great way to perk up any hair style without a lot of fluff. You can opt for something dramatic, such as the wide leather headbands seen on the Valentino catwalk to thin leather cords for wrapping braids or low ponytails.

Headbands have universal appeal because they work with both long and short  hair styles. Whether you love the chic simplicity of a simple black band or the glamour of jewels and flowers, a headband can create a focal point, keep loose tresses in place, and round out your style with a signature touch. It’s no wonder that headbands are among this year’s favorite hair accessories.

Gold hair accessories have been spotted on more than one fashion runway recently. If gold is your color, treat yourself to a metallic gold clip or band to accent your hair this year.


For women who love short hair styles, current trends offers lots of variety from bobs to pixie cuts and layered, gently tousled chin length styles.

Nothing says bold and chic like a pixie cut. If your face shape is oval and if your features are small and delicate, the pixie cut can give you show-stopping style. If your face is longer or more angular, you can add side swept bangs that fall in layers over your face to add softness.

If you are thinking of making a transition from long past-the-shoulder length hair to a short style such as the pixie, you may be a little nervous. To get an idea of how a short style will look before you take the plunge, give yourself a sneak preview by trying on wigs that look similar to the pixie styles in which you are interested.

A short bob haircut with long bangs that are swept over from the side is one of the most popular as well as versatile women’s short hair styles right now.

STYLIST TIP: If your face is heart or triangle shaped, keep your bob at chin length.  If your face is round or square, go for a bob that is longer than chin length to add length to your face shape. A bob hair style can be worn so many different ways-tousled and loosely styled,  sleek and smooth, or textured with product for attitude.


The ever popular ombre hair color technique will also be a favorite again this year. With this technique, roots of your hair are brunette or a darker color while the lower section of the hair is lighter in color. For a twist, try reverse ombre with lighter roots and darker tips.

A more artistic approach than foils, the balayage process involves highlights that are “painted” or “swept” onto your hair in an advanced color technique that creates the effect of hair that has been kissed by the sun. Highlights can be randomly placed exactly where you want them, sweeping upward for a lightening effect that gently fades and blends into your natural hair color. It’s perfect for darker blondes that want to add amazing interest to their style in a way that looks completely natural.